1. What is the Guardian of Camelot and how do I join the movement?


We are an Unincorporated Tax Exempt Association organized to create a safe environment for innovators to collaborate their efforts in business, finance, and the general pursuit of excellence in all aspects of life. We have chosen to focus our attention on specific areas that we can all agree on which is we all want healthy food, clean water, pure air, in a world where we help each other to live in freedom, happiness, and abundance.


Click here to learn more and join the movement.


2. How do I apply for project funding?


You will need to complete the free sign up form for the Guardian of Camelot and login to your account. (There are known login issues with the Safari browser and Wix hosting so use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc... if you're having trouble). 


Then browse to “My Account” (which is only available once you’re logged in under your name). If you are interested in becoming a “Trusted Member” to become a part of the Kre8ors Network and set up a common law irrevocable trust then you follow the link “Next Steps” to complete your payment and await further instructions. If you are only interested in applying for project funding then there is a form available through the “Project Forms” link that can be completed and submitted for free.


PLEASE NOTE: All submitted projects will be put on the list for official review to be completed once funding becomes available. At this point NO FUNDING IS AVAILABLE, but we expect it to be at any time. So the actual “approval process” will NOT be initiated until this occurs. In the meantime, we are focusing on helping those that have taken the step of becoming a “Trusted Member” and are developing a detailed plan for their project so that when the time comes they are already organized and prepared knowing what all needs to be done. Although the intention is for every member to immediately receive “relief funds” to get them in the position to stabilize their lives, project approval priority will be given to those that have progressed through our planning process to the point that we are confident in the ability of the “Project Originator” to implement their idea.


3. Why is there a cost to become a “Trusted Member”?


In order to make sure that the Kre8ors network is secure and that everyone with access is committed to the core agreements of the Guardian of Camelot, it is necessary to conduct a background check and interview with every potential member which incurs an expense on our end. Also, the trusts are being set up by our lawyer and although he is doing this expensive legal work as a part of the team volunteering their time to get everything organized before there is funding, there are also costs associated with this process that requires a bare minimum of funds to complete.


NOTE: There is no cost to submit for project funding and once funding becomes available this “Trusted Member” policy may be adjusted based on future circumstances.

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