Unlike any other organization in the world, we are a united community of innately humanitarian professionals. Our skill levels, experience, and areas of expertise cover a wide range from mastery to novice. Above all else we stand for the liberation of humanity, connected creativity, energetic development, fundamental expression of prosperity, and the harmonic resonance with the Natural order of the planet.  


The Guardian of Camelot Association is made up of  three primary types of professional contributors.

  • Project Originators-These are members who have been approved for funding, or are working to get approval for funding that have designed a project that helps improve the world. Whether through job creation, new technologies, infrastructure, or any number of things that operate in harmony with the planet, the project originator or owner is ready to bring their project to life.

  • Ethical Business Owners-These are already established business owners that provide goods and services in harmony with the greatest good for the planet and the people. These are goods and services specifically needed by project owners. 

  • Innate Humanitarians-These are individuals that want to help humanity, and have special skills that they want to utilize to contribute to assist other project owners achieve their goals.


A secured project planning and development network made up of like minded people who all have some unique  way they want to change the world. Every member accepted into the Network has to be interviewed,  must complete a back ground check, and is committed  to  the core agreements of the Guardian of Camelot. Al members of the KRE8ORS NETWORK are encouraged to go to LIFEFORCE.GLOBAL and download the new app.


The Guardian of Camelot is an Unincorporated Tax Exempt Association organized to create a safe environment for innovators to collaborate their efforts in business, finance, and the general pursuit of excellence in all aspects of life. Each of our members is provided with a Common Law Irrevocable Trust to be utilized as a tool to protect their identity, protect their wealth, and allow them to receive grant funding to execute their project.

Learn how we utilize this unique service to help our members achieve their personal and professional goals.

We are in a transitional phase as we work to help launch new platforms for the media, project networking, and financial system. Membership will be closed until this transition is complete and clear instructions will provided there after.

©KRE8CHANGE, 2017-2019

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